Addiction Recovery


"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become"


Acupuncture is proven to assist alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation. When combined with psychological counseling by addiction specialists, acupuncture can manage withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings.

 Scientific research has shown that addiction, withdrawal and recovery are all related to brain chemicals such as the opioid peptide and  stress-regulating hormones in the body. 

Dr. Lewith, director of the Center for Complimentary Therapy and Integrated Medicine in Southhampton, UK explains that acupuncture helps because it increases levels of opioid peptides such as endorphins, substance P and cholecystokinin among many others. Additionally, acupuncture may induce alterations in certain hormones including cortisol and ACTH to reduce stress.

Most acupuncture addiction recovery treatments utilize Auricular Ear Acupuncture. This microsystem of acupuncture has been show to be highly effective in assisting addiction programs.

The NADA protocol uses five specific ear acupuncture points on each ear for addiction treatment:

  • Sympathetic point – Balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and has a strong analgesic effect.
  • Shenmen point – Called “Spirit Gate”, has a calming and relaxing effect to help alleviate anxiety and nervousness that can accompany withdrawal.
  • Kidney point – Tonifies the source energy and essence that is often damaged through chemical abuse. The point can also help resolve fear and increase the willpower needed to overcome addiction.
  • Liver point – Promotes repair of the Liver from drug and alcohol abuse and aids in resolving anger and aggression.
  • Lung point – Strengthens the immune system and accelerates detoxification. Emotionally, it is associated with grief and letting go.

At our clinic, we will draft a treatment plan in accordance with your treating physician and psychological counselor.

Typical protocols besides auricular points also involve body acupuncture to harmonize physiological imbalances and reduce physical pain.

We will also test for nutirional deficiencies that are brought on by the direct or indirect effect of drugs and/or alcohol and will provide you with Nutritional Counseling and other holistic tools to help you in your recovery path.

Whether you are in an in-patient or out-patient recovery setting, we will accomodate your needs to help you succeed